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Hamilton Primary School

Be Kind. Be Safe. Be Responsible.


What is our intent?

At Hamilton we have designed a curriculum that aims to enable all children to be able to read, write and add up by the time they have completed their education with us.  We also focus on creating children who will be excellent citizens and be ready for their next stage of learning.  We want children to learn, not because they have been told to, but because they want to.  We look towards the National Curriculum, to ensure we cover the statutory requirements as set out by the Department for Education and we further supplement our curriculum with rich experiences based on our local area.

How do we implement our curriculum?

We plan our learning carefully, discussing potential topics with each other and the children.  Our curriculum uses a mixture of knowledge and skills based learning to allow children to build on what they have learnt and apply this to new situations.  This approach is constantly reviewed and we revisit how well children have learnt new knowledge and skills, how well they have retained this information, and how this can be adapted for our planning.  We have produced a document that shows what we teach in each year group and the skills that might be associated with that learning.  Please click this link to have a look at what we are teaching.  This plan is reviewed throughout the year when changes occur, and is a working document.


How do we assess the impact of our curriculum?

The school looks at children's books, responses in lessons and any other information from assessments to inform us of how well we feel children have retained knowledge and skills and how they may have adapted these to new learning situations. This information is then used to support further learning throughout the year.  The school divides its year in to 4 blocks of 10 weeks to enable children enough time to practice their learning and teachers to assess how well they have done.  Our subject champions (teacher in charge of a subject such as Geography) spend time watching teaching and providing professional development to staff when they have identified an area of need.  The school allows each subject champion between 1 and 0.5 days release each 10 weeks to further develop their subject.


British Values

From September 2014, schools within England have had a duty to promote British Values.  The Department for Education (DfE) define them as:

  • Democracy
  • The rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect
  • Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

Please click on the following link to see how we promote British Values at Hamilton Primary School.

English and Maths Curriculum

The school uses a number of resources and available schemes to plan learning in English and Maths.  These are used to set learning that best suits each class and individual pupils.  Currently the school uses White Rose Maths materials as its main scheme of work for maths supplemented by other resources in school.  In English the school uses a number of different materials to support planning and teaching.

Foundation Subjects

Foundation Subjects are taught through topics.  Each topic has a main focus; such as Science, Geography or History.  Some topics are taught as whole school units whilst others are taught as year group topics.  Where possible, links are made to the English and Maths that is being taught in each class.  The school uses visitors and trips to further extend pupils' experiences.


The school's Half Termly Curriculum Plans for each year group are shown below.  They will be updated at the start of each half term.  If you have any questions about what your child is learning, please make an appointment to see your child's class teacher. 
Please click the links to open each plan.


EYFS Curriculum Map Autumn 1 2021-22


Year 1 Curriculum Map Autumn 1 2021-22


Year 2 Curriculum Map Autumn 1 2021-22


Year 3 Curriculum Map Autumn 1 2021-22


Year 4 Curriculum Map Autumn 1 2021-22


Year 5 Curriculum Map Autumn 1 2021-22


Year 6 Curriculum Map Autumn 1 2021-22


Phonics Teaching

The school uses Letters and Sounds as its phonics programme.  This is taught in Key Stage 1 to help our children to develop their reading skills.  Information on this can be found on the letters and sounds website by clicking this link.

Our music curriculum is delivered through an online package called Charanga.  Please click the link to find out more information about the scheme.

Computing learning is covered using the Knowsley Computing scheme of work.  This has a number of programming elements and E-safety units.